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Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Endoscopic Surgery Association

The Association has been founded according to the decree of the Order of physicians of LEBANON n" 552/2001/S, on the date of 14 February 2001. The aims of the MMESA are: 1- The development of Endoscopic surgery and Interventional Techniques in the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and surrounding countries. 2- The coordination and training of these techniques in the area. 3- To promote scientific studies in order to develop an identity for Endoscopic Surgery. 4- MMESA is an apolitical association, defending the principles of peace and mutual understanding of all people of all nations, of all credos and of all races. MMESA consists of medical practitioners who, with the exception of Corporate Members, actively practice surgery and any kind of endoscopic surgery. The Association has Founding Members, Active Members, International Members, and Honorary Members, these being proposed by the Executive Office, and elected by the General Assembly. The Mediterranean and Middle Eastern endoscopic surgery Association has an Administrative Board consisting of two members of each represented country. This Administrative Board will have, mainly, consultancy functions and will also represent the different local tendencies of MMESA membership regions. Decisions are to be taken by simple majority.

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About Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Endoscopic Surgery Association

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