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South African Sociological Association

The South African Sociological Association is focused on a majority rule South Africa, where all appreciate financial, political and social equity and opportunity from all types of separation on the premise of religion, nationality, race and sexual orientation.

SASA was built up in 1993 so as to:

Advance the order and the calling of humanism;
Advance research, instructing and banter about society; and
Advance collaboration at the national, territorial and global level among people occupied with the investigation of society.

The Southern African district has experienced fast and essential changes in the most recent decade, and is confronted with numerous difficulties, including the democratization of state and society, battling the HIV/Aids scourge through the making of mindfulness, annihilating all circles of society of bigotry and different types of separation and imbalance and endeavoring to participate in a globalizing world, where the risk of always expanding minimization is a reality.

The Association is focused on the advancement of a dynamic sociology group in Southern Africa which can make a significant commitment to the investigation of society with regards to these progressions and difficulties, with the point of building up a fair and impartial society.

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