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Nutrition Society of South Africa

The Inaugural Meeting of this Society was held at Medical House, Johantlesburg, on February 11th. The Nutrition Society attempts to advance the scientific study of nutrition to promote suitable strategies for the enhancement of nutrition well-being. To stimulate the interest of members by holding lectures, demonstrations, exhibitions and by making awards for meritorious contributions to the science and practice of nutrition in Southern Africa. It promote sound, principled, safe and effective research in nutritional sciences, to develop sound practice in nutrition for public good, to effectively communicate the benefits of good nutrition, to provide foster discussion and exchange information on nutrition related subjects and provide a forum for discussion, to promote professional development of members. The Nutrition Society will endure to play a role in circulating scientific nutrition research to all its members, through the Journal, congresses and other meetings.

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About Nutrition Society of South Africa

Society conference, meetings and events acts as an excellent bridge between the researchers across the globe. These meetings are wonderful global platform for knowledge exchange, sharing, networking and collaboration. With the similar intention and motive PULSUS through is all set to explore series of Medical Conferences in USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions throughout the world during 2017-18. These conferences will focus on different topics such as Cardiology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Diabetes and Endocrinology, Nutrition and  Food safety, Gastroenterology, Immunology, Nephrology, Neurology and Psychiatry, Nursing and Palliative care,  Oncology and  Pathology ,Ophthalmology ,Surgery,  Toxicology,  Paediatrics and many more.

There are numerous Nutrition Societies worldwide, both national and international. Some of these societies are working on specific topics such Nutrition, diet, paediatric health, food safety, food technology, health care, obesity etc.  Some of the Nutrition Societies in different parts of the world are as follows:

American Nutrition Societies: These societies focus ranges from the most critical details of research and application to the broadest applications in society, in the U.S. There are several societies working on different field, out of which almost 75 USA Nutrition Societies and associations are present.  These societies and association are located in Maryland, Illinois, California, Washington and Florida.

European Nutrition Societies: Nutrition Societies in Europe are contributing towards Nutrition research activities through their annual congress, journal and newsletters. BDA is the largest organisation of food and nutrition professionals in the UK.  Majority of these European Nutrition Societies and Associations are located in Ireland, Belgium, Italy and UK.

Asia-Pacific Nutrition Societies:  Almost 30 Asian Nutrition Societies working on food safety and technology. These associations are situated mostly in Japan, Singapore, India and China. These societies were established by distinguished nutritionists and scientists working in this field.

Middle East Nutrition Societies: In Middle East almost 24 Nutrition Associations are present. These societies are organizing annual and biannual Nutrition Annual Conferences in Abu Dubai and Dhabi.

Nutrition Societies Conferences: These Nutrition Meetings and Conferences are scheduled by these societies for the year 2016 and 2017 in different parts of the globe. These international Nutrition Conferences and Nutrition Annual Meetings are intended to bring together all the recent researches, new innovations and findings at common platform.